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Illuminated paintings (changing light) with multicolored stained glass and waterfalls


Pond in false rocks, bluffant of realism, with some pictures of its construction


Decor all fake rocks at the turtle basin of the aquarium of Nouméa ...
This video shows the different stages of the realization of this work as grandiose as sublime!


Set up, the time to take photos, some fake Seychelles-style rocks, on the beach of the "Baie des Citrons" in Nouméa ...


A cliff hides the retaining wall of neighbors, a monolithic false rock serves as a garden shed …


Here is a sublime achievement: Cliffs surround the pool to isolate untimely glances, a pediment worthy of an ancient temple crowns all, a slide for children - and large - advocates in the center of the back wall, a cascade sings its sweet refrain fainting in the basin, two false monolithic rocks hide a garden shed and the technical room of the pool, more modest fake rocks decorate the garden here and there and the ceiling actually hides a roof in sheet.


A monumental waterslide and a remarkable waterfall enliven the tranquility of this pool.


The whole perimeter of this pool is in false rock, the steps to access it also


The base of the basin is very classic, it is a black polyethylene shell sold in garden ... but dressed by false rocks, it is simply superb!


Bulky items are designed separately for easy transport; once there, they must be assembled. For this purpose, glass fabric and resin are again used. This laminate will then be covered with a stone gelcoat and loaded with particles (glass powder, rock dust, slag ...) and then artistically coated in a nuance (4 different dyes).